EHV substation design and detailed engineering

KNR offers an efficient approach to EHV substation basic design and detail engineering services which include planning for constructability, contracting and equipment procurement for successful completion of a project.

KNR has a group of post graduate professionals from electrical and civil, structural discipline equipped with software tools such as CYMGRD, STAAD, access to CDEGS and host of user developed software for carrying out

complete range of services for both electrical and civil & structural work in substations.

KNR has completed a total of 134 AIS substations and 36 GIS substations since the inception in 2003.


We provide Design, Engineering & Consultancy services for EHV substation projects, EBOP of Thermal/Solar power plants and Industrial power distribution projects for Large industries like Steel plants, Material handling plants etc. Our main focus is on best quality in a structured manner as per national / international standards / Clients’ Technical specifications and in line with procedural norms laid down in ISO 9001-2015 standards.

Range of services

Electrical Engineering

  • Main Single line Diagram
  • Equipment Selection & Layout
  • Protection and Metering SLD
  • Substation Layout Plan and Sections
  • Substation Clearance Diagrams
  • Erection Key Diagram
  • Earthing & Lightning Protection
  • Lighting System Design
  • Raceway design
  • Cable Routing layout and Schedule
  • Control Room Equipment Layout
  • Battery and LVAC System
  • SCADA System
  • Procurement Support
  • Vendor drawing Review
  • Cable Interconnection schedule
  • Project Bill Of Materials
  • Preparation Of Technical Specification.
  • Cost Estimation

Civil and Structural Engineering

  • Foundation Design and Engineering
  • Structure Design and Engineering
  • Control Room Building Design and Engineering
  • Towers, Gantries, Equipment support structures and foundations
  • Lightning & Lighting Mast
  • Foundation and Cable Trench Layout
  • Storm Water Drainage System
  • Road, Drain, Duct Bank
  • Transformer and Reactor Foundation
  • Transformer Fire Wall and Soak Pit
  • Project Bill Of Materials
  • Technical Specification Supply & Insulation
  • Cost Estimation

Protection and Automation Systems

  • Relay and Metering Diagram
  • Protection Logic Diagrams
  • Interlock /Inter trip Logic Diagrams
  • CT/VT Adequacy Check calculations
  • Preparation of SAS, SOE, TFR and DSM Point list
  • Relay Setting Calculations
  • Mechanical

  • HVAC System
  • Capacity Calculation
  • Detail Ducting design
  • Air Flow & Control Schematic
  • Fire Fighting System
  • Calculation and design of Fire protection system
  • Piping design and network analysis
  • Hydrant and spray system piping layout

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