Solar and wind power projects require certain design and engineering expertise that is unique to this sector of the power generation industry.

KNR Engineers is extending complete range of services right from project feasibility to field engineering support for establishing evacuation system and integration with grid respecting CEA compliance requirements.

  • KNR has done over 41 renewable energy projects with capacity up to 300MW integrating at 220kV. Apart from complete design and detailed engineering of civil and electrical work, KNR undertakes system studies, EMTP studies and dynamic modelling & transient stability analysis using PSS®E software to verify grid code compliance.

Wind Farm Detailed Engineering Service Offerings

Electrical Engineering

  • Equipment Selection
  • Protection and Metering SLD
  • Skid mounted substation layout
  • Substation Layout Plan and Sections
  • Substation Clearance Diagrams
  • Erection Key Diagram
  • Earthing for WTGs
  • Earthing & Lightning Protection
  • Lighting System Design
  • MV & LV Cable sizing, routing layout and schedule
  • Control Room Equipment Layout
  • Battery and LVAC System
  • SCADA System
  • Project Bill of Materials
  • Technical Specification for all electrical equipment

Civil and Structural Engineering

  • Foundation Design and Engineering
  • Structure Design and Engineering
  • Control Room Building Design and Engineering
  • Lightning & Lighting Mast
  • Foundation and Cable Trench Layout
  • Storm Water Drainage System
  • Road, Drain, Duct
  • Transformer Foundation
  • Transformer Fire Wall and Soak Pit
  • Project Bill of Materials

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