Owner’s Engineering Services

Owner's Engineer – Roles and Responsibilities

KNR as owner's engineer helps to lay the groundwork of a project right from, conducting the feasibility study, defining the project scope, evaluating budgets, minimise risks and site studies, analysing technologies and their suitability to the project, providing & permitting assistance and addressing related environmental concerns.

KNR owner’s engineer services as:

  • An independent representative of the project owner
  • Plays a critical supporting role that provides project management
  • Quality assurance support during each and every stage of the project and asset lifecycle.
  • High quality in the planning and construction of a plant for its safety and long-term reliability
  • Ensure that project complies with international standards, thereby reducing the risk of liabilities
  • to reduce project’s costs and economy with due importance on quality
  • greater control over the project scope, schedule, orders, and various other activities

Range of services

  • Planning & feasibility studies
  • Conceptual design and engineering
  • Project cost estimate and schedule for implementation
  • Preparation of RFQ for EPC scope of work
  • Post bid clarifications
  • Bid evaluation and recommendations
  • Contract negotiation assistance
  • Preparation of contract documents
  • Kick off meeting management
  • Design review of major equipment
  • Review and approval of GTP
  • Review and approval of design and engineering documents
  • Review and approval of equipment drawings
  • Review and approval of type test reports
  • Field engineering support
  • Quality assurance procedure & approval
  • Inspection of equipment at manufacturers’ works
  • Document management
  • Development & review of O&M procedure, practices and costs

Why KNR for Owner’s Engineers role?

KNR helps to optimise your project management With our international project experience and a global presence, we synergic with local EPCs and Equipment manufacturers, meeting with the highest standards requirement. This enables to provide reliable support in planning, management, supplier evaluation and personnel training for plant construction and operation worldwide. KNR’s Factory inspection services cover the entire asset lifecycle, helping customer prompt investment decisions.

KNR will be an extended arm of Design & engineering portfolios, for our clients. KNR as owner’s engineer strongly integrates to lay the groundwork of a project, defining the project scope, evaluating budgets, conducting feasibility and site studies, analysing technologies, minimise risks and providing / permitting assistance.

Equipment Technical Specification is the key document to eliminate the challenges right from design to commissioning. KNR’s competency, synergic the Relevant technical standards and the manufacturing range of equipment decides the easy-go of sourcing process technically & economically. KNR make ways technically to ensure on-time delivery of Equipment, by perceiving the whole process of equipment manufacturing.

KNR’s defined methodology on approval of document linked with construction specification, make EPC contractors efforts easy and to come out from the view that it’s a cumbersome process. Make this possible for, on time and appropriate document at site as RFC (Released for construction) drawings. KNR include the supervision of EPC contractors, quality assurance of vendors, HSE inspections, and SAT (Site test acceptance test).

KNR technically transform the process of Construction into successful functioning, by setting the standards and procedures for Operation of the System that ensure the ultimate aim of customer, that is, to get the on-time returns. KNR as “OWNER’S ENGINEERS” handled the first BOOT project under “Transmission system strengthening scheme for Western Region involving 765/400kV substations in Bhopal and Dhule and successfully completed it in 2015” for Sterlite 20+ projects in Renewable energy sectors and Substation / Switchyards.

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