Power Lines Safety Rules and Precautions

Power Lines Safety Rules and Precautions

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There are some precautions which must be followed to avoid electrical hazards and risks:

  • Animals should never be tied to a transmission tower or pole as it can risk their life.
  • Any object made up of metal or conducting material should not be thrown on overhead lines.
  • During rain, towers or poles must not be touched by any person because the tower body becomes energized due to the conductivity of water.
  • During storms or strong winds, we should keep a safe distance from powerlines as live conductors may accidentally fall over a person.
  • If a person sees any spark on overhead live conductors, his first responsibility should be to inform the relevant authorities to avoid any accident.
  • Any construction work should not be carried out under or near HV power lines.

Besides the precautions, there are also some safety rules for the linemen who work on HV transmission lines. These areas following:

  • Linemen must be familiar with all the safety rules and regulations.
  • A lineman who is going to do any operation must be trained well. Without any experience or training, he should not try to take any risk as it can put his life in danger.
  • A lineman must be equipped with all necessary PPEs before starting operation.
  • Before the start of work, it should be made sure that the tower on which the lineman is going to work is completely de-energized.
  • If a lineman is not familiar with any tool, then he should never try to use it as it can be risky.
  • A lineman must be in continuous communication with other team members when doing an operation.
  • A lineman must not be in a hurry as it can cause an accident to him or other team members.
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Electricity is a great blessing for us as it has advanced and automated our life to an infinite extent. But along with these benefits, electricity is also very dangerous at the same time. It creates a number of hazards and health issues thus endangering our life. If we properly follow the safety rules, standards, and precautions, then we can reduce and even eliminate the risks and hazards caused by electricity. Conclusively, it's up to us that either we make our life comfortable or full of risks.

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